Nos inspiramos en la madre naturaleza y nos apoyamos en la tecnología para crear materiales naturales únicos e innovadores diseñados para ofrecer una experencia en confort hasta ahora nunca vista.

The biggest secret behind our shoes

After a year and a half of research and with the collaboration of El Instituto Tecnológico AITEX, pioneers in textile innovation in Spain, we have developed a fabric unique in the world, made from the thinest merino wool.

A fabric developed 100% in Spain and where we work directly with a total of 6 industrial partners to obtain the final fabric

Softness and breathability

Because we use only the finest merino wool, we get a very soft, flexible and breathable fabric adapting perfectly to the movement of our feet.

A fabric for the whole year

A unique fabric very breathable and capable of self-regulating the temperature. Being warm in winter and cool in summer.