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Discover the finest, softest and lightest Merino Wool

It took us one year and a half (and that’s a very long time!) to develop our unique merino wool fabric. Able to keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer and ideal to wear without socks. It's all been thought out for maximum comfort.

We are inspired by Nature to create unique materials

From the insole made from the oil of castor plants to our innovative merino wool fabric, our feel-good materials are fab for your daily life, without damaging the planet.

A sustainable production process: 100% Made in Spain

Sustainability also goes through our commitment to produce locally in Spain, taking care of all the people involved in the process. Would you like to see it?

The best footwear for your daily life, all year round!


Real opinions from real customers

Nice and comfy, my husband and I are totally fans!!!
They are so lightweight and wonderfully cosy!
They are pretty and super comfortable. As if you were floating when you put them on!
Great discovery. They are stunning, highly recommended.
I have very delicate feet and they are the only ones I can wear.
Very comfortable and of good quality, I like that they are made 100% in Spain

One new generation, one movement, follow us and be part of the change.

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