We are inspired by mother nature and we rely on technology to create unique and innovative natural materials.


A unique fabric

Merino sheep are one of the oldest sheep breeds (originally Spanish!) in the world that almost became extinct with the arrival of synthetics. Their wool is the highest quality wool and stands out for being extra fine, 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, soft, breathable, anti-bacterial, with the capacity to self-regulate temperature, etc. After a year and a half of research and with the collaboration of AITEX Technological Institute, pioneers in textile innovation in Spain, our merino wool fabric, unique in the world, was developed. We work with ethical suppliers who use a system of extensive livestock farming and have all the certificates of guarantee and good animal treatment.

The feeling of walking on clouds

An innovative new natural sole material, Sugarcloud™, made from sugar cane. We work with crops that are grown only with rainwater and under very controlled practices. It is also one of the fastest regenerating natural resources. It is a self-sufficient material, as the factory that processes it is powered by the same BIO electricity generated by the sugar cane during the transformation process. The result is a resistant, ultra-light, soft and very sustainable sole. One step closer to a better future.

Highly breathable

The first sneakers made in Spain with this new natural fabric, bamboo. An extremely soft, fresh, anti-odour, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and highly breathable material. Its innovative technology was coined Coolight-Bamboo™. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and therefore an ecological and sustainable resource. The yield of one hectare of bamboo is ten times greater than cotton.

The best alternative to leather

Our smartest and most sophisticated collection is made with plant-based leather (GRAPE LEATHER) which is made mainly from grapes skin. During the wine manufacturing process, all generated waste (grape skin, seeds, grape stems) are treated and combined with plant resins to obtain an ecological component in order to produce leather. Furthermore, during its treatment with vegetable resins, 50 percent less water is used than common materials

Naturally comfortable insoles

The insoles of our shoes are made from castor oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the same plant, also known as Ricinuscommunis (don't ask how to pronounce that...). The removable anatomical insoles, apart from being produced from this natural source, have an ergonomic design to ensure better support and comfort and are produced at Albacete province.

100% Local Team

Sustainability also means our will to produce locally
in Spain with a 100% local team, taking care of all the people involved in the