Nos inspiramos en la madre naturaleza y nos apoyamos en la tecnología para crear materiales naturales únicos e innovadores diseñados para ofrecer una experencia en confort hasta ahora nunca vista.

A unique natural fiber

A unique natural fiber better than almost all other synthetic and natural fibers.

Unlike rough and wintry wool, our fibers are up to twice as fine, creating a very soft, breathable fabric and with the ability to self-regulate the temperature.

“Merino wool breathes naturally”

It can absorb large amounts of sweat vapor and evaporate it, creating a unique feeling of comfort. In contrast to synthetics, it has the ability to react to changes in body temperature, keeping the foot warm in winter and cool in summer.

Merino wool is ideal for your skin

Merino wool is very soft to the touch and has antibacterial properties which makes it ideal to use without socks.

Furthermore, it acts as a second skin since it helps you to manage its temperature and maintain a unique comfort sensation.