Nos inspiramos en la madre naturaleza y nos apoyamos en la tecnología para crear materiales naturales únicos e innovadores diseñados para ofrecer una experencia en confort hasta ahora nunca vista.

Why do we say it is a unique fabric?

It is a material that has been a unique innovation in terms of natural comfort. A very novel fabric in the footwear industry.

What is so special about merino wool?

Merino wool differs from conventional wool mainly because of the fineness of its fibers. While the latter are thick, rough and wintry, our fibers are fine and soft.

What material is the insole made of?

We use an anatomical insole made from recycled material and castor bean oil, a natural and very sustainable source.

Why is it ideal to use them without socks?

It's a fabric that takes care of our skin, being soft, flexible, breathable and with antibacterial properties, and therefore ideal to use without socks.