Our Story

An idea, a lot of passion and an extraordinary team.

We are here to let our trace in the world. A step that we are confident to look at and that we feel proud of. Our dreams are our motivations to rethink how things are done. The dream of Pablo Mas, Yuccs founder, is to change to footwear industry into a new category inspired only in premium natural materials.

With his mind focused on creating the most comfortable shoe in the world, a shoe that will respect the environment, he knew he had to work with a really innovative material, leaving behind the most used leathers and synthetics

We needed a very innovative material.

It was then that we decided to go back to the past, when merino wool was considered as gold in Spain, a material that went disappearing with the appearance of synthetic and its more competitive prices. There we found the answer, the problem was that we had to develop everything from scratch, a unique fabric created from the same fiber. A research and development plan that was only possible thanks to the collaboration of the AITEX Textile Technology Institute.

The rest of the story is maybe less beautiful to tell. There are hours and hours of work, insomnias and a considerable part of stress and excitement intermingled. But we will skip this part and we will go straight to the moment when the duo held in their hands the first Yuccs that were made, creating a huge smile on their face.