We are inspired by Mother Nature and relied on technology to create unique and innovative natural materials designed to offer a comfort experience never seen before.


But where does it come from?

It is one of the oldest sheep breeds (Spanish in its origin!) that almost disappeared with the arrival of synthetic fibers. It is the highest quality sheep wool, thanks to its great fineness, softness and exclusivity. We work with ethical suppliers that use an extensive livestock farming system and have all the key certificates regarding animal welfare.

A “Super-Natural” fiber

Mother Nature gave merino wool super powers, making it better in almost everything compared to synthetic fibers: extra fine, 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, soft, breathable, anti-bacterial, with the ability to self-regulate the temperature, etc. We could be like this for hours counting its benefits!

An innovative fabric

For all these reasons, we decided to bring up to date this amazing ancestral fiber. After a year and a half of research and with the collaboration of the "Instituto Tecnológico AITEX", pioneers in textile innovation in Spain, the “Yuccs fabric”, unique in the world, was developed.

Naturally comfy

The shoe comes with a removable anatomic foam insole, which means it has an ergonomic design for better support and comfort. Produced in the region of Albacete (Spain), it is made from castor oil, which is extracted from the seeds of this plant, also known as “Ricinuscommunis” (do not ask how to pronounce it...), another very natural and eco-friendly source.

Made in Spain

Sustainability also goes through our willingness to produce every component of our sneakers in Spain, taking care of all the people involved in the process.