Son muchas personas las que están detrás de tus zapatillas Yuccs. Todos ellos trabajan cada día con cariño y energía para poder ofrecerte un producto tan único y especial. Te presentamos a nuestro equipo 100% local:


Long and good quality process

As they say... "good things come to those who wait". Our unique footwear is inspired by nature, but it doesn't grow on trees. There are many people involved in the process and it is a long and good quality process.

How long does it take?

After the design of the trainer is made in Majorca, we will need up to 4 months to produce our unique fabric and the rest of the materials. To that, we will add 2 more months for manufacturing and assembly. And that's it, you can now enjoy your Yuccs!

100% local production

We collaborate with a total of 11 Spanish suppliers directly, always supervising the manufacturing process. This allows us to ensure the quality of the materials, maintain sustainable processes and decent working conditions, creating true fashion that respects the world.

Long live Slow Fashion!

From day 1, we support the responsible consumption of clothing and footwear philosophy called "Slow Fashion", which aims to raise awareness of the impact of clothing consumption on the environment, the depletion of resources and the impact of the textile industry on society. To this end, we produce in small quantities to try to avoid overstocking, and ensure that stocks do not accumulate, and materials are not wasted.

Our Process

Trusting us is to buy local, and betting on the highest quality craftsmanship. It is also to perpetuate the Spanish footwear tradition, one of the most prestigious in the world.