Each time we consume, we can vote for the world we want to live in. Choosing us means buying “made in Europe” products, and betting on a high-quality artisanal manufacturing. It also means perpetuating the Spanish tradition of footwear, one of the most prestigious in the world.


¿Who makes your shoes?

From Catalonia to Alicante, there are so many hands manipulating your future shoes, and so many names hiding behind the machines. Toni, David, Bernardo, Pilar, Susi (and the list is long), they are the ones who make your sneakers, with care and love. Hat down.

Transparent production process

We directly collaborate with a total of 11 Spanish suppliers, controlling at all times the manufacturing process. This allows us to ensure the quality of materials, to maintain sustainable processes and to guarantee fair working conditions; the first step on the journey towards a more ethical and respectful fashion industry.

¿How long does it take?

The manufacturing process itself is much more complex than we might think... After the design of the shoe in our little island of Mallorca, we need up to 4 months to produce our unique fabric and all the other components. On the top of that, we have to add 2 extra months of preparation and assembly. Simple, right?

Let's Take it Slow!

From day 1, we support the "Slow Fashion" philosophy which seeks to raise awareness about the impact of clothing/footwear on the environment, and the depletion of resources. To do this, we try to avoid excess of stock, producing locally and in small quantities, ensuring materials are not wasted, or ending up in landfills.


Biodegradable merino wool, Premium materials and eco-friendly components, everything is designed to take care of the planet.