Your passions
defines you

We want you to dress proudly,
with good conscience.

Made in SPAIN

Designed in Mallorca, produced in Elche. Committed to creating a 100% local value chain.

Inspired by natural materials

Our processes use 50% less energy than those used to transform traditional synthetics.

Trust in Comfort

Each element of the shoe is designed and developed in a unique way to offer greater comfort.

For inimitable lives

We inspire a generation to believe in themselves, feel comfortable with what they are and create their own path.

Yuccs Generation ANTHEM

We are Yuccs, the sheep that came out of the flock.

We do not follow fashion, fashion is ephemeral, yuccs is forever. Fashion is for catwalks, Yuccs is for life.

Fashion wants you to follow it, we want you to mark the way.

Fashion wants your clothes to define you, we want your passions to do so.

Fashion wants you to buy to feel special but you can't buy what makes you really special.

We are the conscious generation that thinks for itself and buys what it needs.

We are the Yuccs Generation, the trendy Generation.

Comfy people, moving forward.