Merino wool, better wool

The secret behind our shoes. A unique natural fiber better than almost all the other synthetic and natural fibers.
Merino wool, better wool

When we started thinking about how to make a shoe more comfortable than normal we knew we could not do it like others do. We knew we had to find that premium material that stands out naturally. And that's how we found Merino wool.

Merino wool is a supermaterial”, one of those natural elements better than almost every other fibers. A material that transpires, that is extremely soft, that fits the foot, antibacterial, durable, that prevents bad smells ... in short, a gift from Mother Nature.

The Yuccs fabric is a fabric unique in the world.

From this wool and together with the technological institute AITEX we have developed the Yuccs fabric. They have been months of research and development but believe us when we say that it has been worth it.

But no matter how wonderful the raw material is and how proud we are of our fabric, you already know that Yuccs is a sustainable company, committed to ethical and local work. That is why the whole process, from spinning, weaving, natural dyes and finishes, are developed in Alicante.

Yuccs fabric is 100% produced in Spain, with decent working conditions.

An extraordinary sneaker needed the best fabric of the world and you already know us, you can check it by yourself:

Sometimes it is necessary to go back to natural materials to claim progress. Our fabric uses 50% less energy than any other. Efficiency benefits us all. 

Nothing feels better than being oneself and Yuccs is a comfortable shoe by nature, literally.