Letter to my future Yuccs

My dear sneakers, we are few who have seen you born but we will be many who will be by your side. That's why we dedicate this letter to you, so you never forget where you came from and why you came into this world.
Letter to my future Yuccs

Remember why you were born

You were born to answer the demand of an entire generation. A generation that wanted shoes with the best quality, that was durable, that did not rub, that was made with decent working conditions ... A generation tired of second-rate shoes with first class advertising.

You already know: "Buy me and you'll be more handsome", "Buy me and you'll be like this athlete", "Buy me and you'll be more elegant" ... I know, it sounds ridiculous. How are some shoes going to dictate you the way you have to be? Well, that same question was asked by many people and for those people you were born.

Believe me, you don't have an easy audience. We knew they would ask everything about you: What are you made of, where are you made ... everything. And we made you test questions. We wanted a shoe that would respond with pride to all the questions, you know, with nothing to hide, with much to brag about.

We want you to be honest Yuccs, transparent.

In this blog, in addition to other things, we will go little by little dissecting you, we know that the more you know about yourself the more you will like. Let's talk about your sole, your wool, your manufacturing, your design ... We want you honest Yuccs, transparent.

You didn't come neither to lie to anyone saying that with you everything will be something special, the opposite: You came to tell the world that what makes us special are our passions, not the clothes we are wearing.

Be true to your vision

They say that we all have a purpose in life: Yours is to remind the world that there is a generation of people who buy with their heads and live with their hearts, not the other way around. Maybe our life is at times passionate and unpredictable but if we buy something it will not be because of the model on the cover. We are not so easy to persuade.

Your responsibility is first of all: Respect. Respect for the environment, for animals, for decent working conditions, that everything we do is to leave this a little better than what we found. And if it can not be like that, it will not be. Because you were not born for "Success at all costs". There are successes that are not worth it, let's be clear.

We have called your generation: the Yuccs Generation, a creative generation, who wants to share the world, who wants to do what they love without stepping on anyone, a generation that just like you, wants to walk and feel proud of their footprints.

You have everything to succeed, never let anything you do take away your sleep. That will be your success. Our success